It’s normal for people to get out and enjoy the sunshine during the summer season. But, you have to consider several things and take extra care during the warmer months, especially if you have a dog.  

Aside from uncomfortable for dogs, excessive heat and sun can lead to heatstroke. Oftentimes, it can be deadly for your dog.  

Today, we are going to share with you a couple of tips to make sure that you and your dog can both safely enjoy the summer months.  

There are a lot of things to think about in summer to make sure you and your pet are comfortable and cool at all times. Here are some of them: 

Groom Your Dog Regularly 

If you really are a responsible dog owner, you know that the coat of your dog is going to affect their temperature. Naturally, a dog with long or thick coats will insulate more heat. This means that they might find it a lot harder to cool down in the warmer season. You should always ensure that your dog is having routine grooming. You should also think about clipping thick or long coats for summer. This will help keep your dog as comfortable and cool as possible. If you want to know more about dog grooming, click here.  

Time Your Walks 

In extremely hot temperatures, you need to stop walking your dog in the middle of the day. Both the pavements and the air temperature will be risky and uncomfortable for your dog. You should instead walk them in the evening once the sun has gone down or early in the morning before the sun is completely out. 

Avoid the Car 

If possible, you should not travel in your car with your dog at all. You need to keep the AC on and the windows open if you do have to travel with your dog. You should also ensure that your dog has a lot of water. When traveling, cooling coats and cooling pads are also an ideal choice.  

In summer, you should not leave your dog unattended in a vehicle. Temperatures inside an idle vehicle can rapidly become very risky for the dog, even with a window open. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can really be deadly for your dog if you leave it in a hot vehicle. Even if you’re leaving your dog for a couple of minutes, it is simply not worth the risk. 

Keep Your Dog Well Hydrated 

During the hot weather, dogs also require more water, just like us. This will help them keep hydrated and cool. You have to always ensure that your dog has a continuous supply of cool, clean, and fresh water in your home. To make sure that the water is cool constantly, you will have to regularly top up your water than normal. You have to ensure you carry a portable dog bowl with you if you are planning on taking out your dog. You should also carry a water bottle so they can hydrate while walking.