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Unfinished Business

In my eight years as State Representative, I have consistently worked to support public education, provide quality, affordable healthcare for all Arizonans and create more high-paying jobs. I have used my undergraduate degree in economics, my experiences as an ER doctor, and my eight years on the Scottsdale School Board to advocate for sensible policies that protect children, provide opportunities, and invest in the future.

We have had successes. I was part of a bipartisan coalition that expanded Medicaid coverage to 300,000 Arizonans, and we restored KidsCare, providing health care for 30,000 vulnerable children in our state. I worked with my colleagues across the aisle to stop the further expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts that would have transferred millions more from our public schools to private schools with no accountability as to how the money was being spent. But, there is still much work to do.

I am disappointed that we have not restored education funding to pre-recession levels. Prop 123 was a first step but there are no real plans for what's next. The majority party has chosen to fund private prisons over education. Our priorities need to change; the allocation of state funds needs to reflect our values. When our state budget reflects a commitment to K-12 and affordable higher education, we will have the skilled and educated work force needed to attract the jobs of the future.

I know my work at the State Capitol is not finished. I am convinced that my voice is still needed. Having served as the ranking member of the House Education, Appropriations and Health committees, I know I have been an effective representative of the interests and concerns of my constituents and I want to continue to advocate for Arizona's children and families in the State Senate.

My family and I value the continued support of thousands of residents of Legislative District 28 and concerned citizens from across the state. I am optimistic that with your help, I will return to the Legislature as State Senator.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about any legislative issue.

Thank you,
Dr. Eric Meyer


What Eric Stands For


Investing in our kids must be our state’s first priority. Since the beginning of the recession, our state legislature has cut $4 billion from our public schools, and funding for our state universities has been reduced by over 50 percent.

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We must continue to diversify our economy. I am an advocate for economic sectors that have sustainable, long-term potential, such as high-tech and biotech businesses. Our universities must remain world-class centers for research that also prepare our students for 21st Century jobs.

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I have introduced legislation the last several sessions that would ban all gifts by lobbyists to Arizona’s elected officials. No more free trips. No more free tickets.

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I am an advocate for quality, affordable healthcare for all Arizonans. As an experienced ER physician, I know how to be cost-effective in managing healthcare.

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